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Monday, 16 April 2012 09:39

Kickball's Back (Alright!)

While I can't say this winter was especially brutal, cold, snowy, or long (Global Warming, anyone?), I can say that his certainly felt like forever since our bright yellow balls were getting kicked...

Let me rephrase... Four months without any NYCSSC Kickball just seems like much too long!

Thankfully, though, the temps are on the rise, the blacktop is clear, and the balls are ripe for the kickin'.  And with the addition of our Saturday afternoon league, teams are able to get out there and enjoy the sunny summer afternoons... not to mention get an early start at the bar.

Check out some of our teams enjoying their very first day on the black top.

That Pitch Cray (Black) was prepared for the sun.  This team that hails from the South knows how to look cool with some 80s style shades:


Kicking and Screaming (Orange) was able to rack up some runs in their very first game, and celebrated at home plate with some high fives:


New Kicks On the Block (Sapphire) brought their very own cheering (and sometimes heckling) section.  Check out these fans getting a little too into the game...

KB_Sat_041212_LS_072 much so that our ref, Justin, couldn't believe his eyes


But, it's ok, in the end, all is right in the world.  Kickball is back!


Tuesday, 20 March 2012 10:42

NYC Social's Very Own Soccer Hooligans

Looks like we should start selling tickets to our games!  Check out the cheering section for Tuesday's Indoor Soccer Championship match:

Might not quite be the crowd that would show up for a Real Madrid or Barca match, but it's close!  Pommes Frites (Orange) and The Thunder Down Under (Red) showed up early for their games to catch the end of the First Place game.  But they weren't just passing time before they could take the court.  The two teams held it down as honorary cheerleaders as the game was sent into overtime.
Doesn't matter if they knew who exactly they were rooting for as chants of "De-Fense" and "Off-Fense" broke out.  We just love seeing (and hearing... man were they loud!) NYC Social spirit!
And they weren't disappointed, either.  The game turned out to be a real nail biter, with both teams fighting hard until the end, when Socc Puppets (Daisy) eventually came away with the victory.


Thursday, 15 March 2012 10:29

How to Celebrate an OT Championship Goal

Tuesday's Indoor Soccer championship game was one for the books! Just one week prior, Socc Puppets (Daisy) and Real Ale Madrid (Black) faced each other in the final game of the regular season.  Real Ale came away with a 4-3 victory and, once the seeding was established, it became clear that the championship game would be a rematch.  Both teams entered the finals with gold on their minds.  But only one would emerge victorious.

After being down 0-2, Socc Puppets were able to stage a comeback and tie the game in the second half, sending it to overtime.  When a perfect assist rolled right in front of the goal, all the Puppets needed to do was chip it in, and their victory was sealed.

So how does one celebrate a perfectly executed overtime goal in a championship game?  Observe:

Step 1:  Put arms up


Step 2:  Jump up and down


Step 3:  Hug it out


Step 4:  Pose for picture with medals and bar tab

First Place - Socc Puppets

Congratulations to all our Indoor Soccer teams on a great season!  Hope to see you all in the Spring!

Monday, 19 March 2012 10:08

Halloween Comes Early at Indoor Soccer

What do a Ninja Turtle, a Moustached Gentleman, and a Tiger have in common (That's not the start of a joke, that's a serious question)?  Well, the answer is: they all play indoor soccer!




From the looks of these pictures, you'd think that Tuesday Soccer team Pommes Frites (Orange) was participating in our Halloween Costume Contest.  But, you'd be wrong.  Considering that, well, it's March.

Bar Champs - Pommes Frites

No, rather, this team just loves having fun and spreading laughs; something that helped them secure the prestigious title of Bar Champs too!  A big congrats to Pommes Frites!  Keep those laughs coming!

Friday, 16 March 2012 09:55

Celebrate Good TDs, Come On!

It turned out to be a good season our two Monday Football teams named after NFL Players, Tebowed! (Gold) and You Got Gronk'd (Military)Tebowed! came away with second place in our Yeti league while You Got Gronk'd secured the Sasquatch gold.  Both teams played wonderfully in our Monday Playoffs, but their names - both of which reference famous TD celebrations from this past NFL season - reminded us of some of our favorite football displays.

Here are our top three...

3.  Prime Time - Deion Sanders

Let's just ignore the fact that this happened.  Neon Deion was a true showman and we love anyone who knows how to bust a move like he did.


2.  Multiple Entries - Chad Ochocino

It's hard to pick just which one of Ochocinco's ridiculous antics would be his best.  Before he was looking confused with the New England Patriots, he was riverdancing, playing golf with pylons, and pleading with the NFL not to get fined...



1.  The Lambeau Leap - LeRoy Butler (and followed by many)

It's hard to come up with a celebration more iconic than the Lambeau Leap.  Replicated by many in the nearly 20 years since it was first done by LeRoy Butler after a fumble recovery, it's the one celebration that the NFL doesn't seem to mind.  Maybe it's because it demonstrates some deep connection between athlete and fan; a single act that says "I trust you, I need you, I rely on you."  ...Or maybe it's just way too much fun:

Thursday, 15 March 2012 09:39

Springing Forward

I can hardly believe it.  As we all know, this past winter was long, snowy, and cold.  I know I thought it would never end.  Do you guys remember when we got that huge blizzard back in January?  I thought the whole city would shut down!

...Oh wait.  I forgot.  Winter didn't exist this year.

While skiiers and 'boarders are probably bummed that the Groundhog turned out to be oh-so-wrong, our social athletes couldn't be happier.


In fact, in the last day of our Winter 2012 Season this Monday, our footballers were spotted ditching their under armor and playing in shorts and short sleeves.  And - could it be? - It is! - SUNLIGHT!  Maybe it was the beautiful weather and clear skies that helped these Tebowed! (Gold) players make such a huge play...


Now I'm sure that all this Spring weather will inevitably lead to a late April snow storm, but for now it sure is nice to see people itching to get out and play.  Let the countdown to Spring season begin!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012 09:53

This is How Nightmares Are Made

As if having balls thrown at your torso at breakneck speeds wasn't scary enough, our Wednesday Dodgeball teams added a level of scary with some creative fashion choices at playoff night.  Take, for example, this Monsters Inc (Lime) dodgeballer, who decided to live up to his team's name and channel his inner Monster...


And, no, you're not seeing things.  This is actually a Centaur playing Dodgeball; Even though I'm pretty sure it's usually the other way around; you know, head of a man, body of a horse instead of this...


So thanks for the nightmares, Incrediballs (Daisy).  For some reason this horse head thing is especially terrifying.  Maybe beause it reminds of that scene in The Godfather...

In any case, well done to both teams who struck so much fear in the hearts of their opponents that they were able to get Second Place and Bar Champs (respectively).  Congrats!

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